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Church Committees

Provides for the planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church. It provides for the administration of its organization and temporal life. It envisions, plans, implements, and annually evaluates the church’s mission and ministry. The church council shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference.

Trustees are subject to the direction of the charge conference, have oversight and care of all local church property, buildings, and equipment in order to accomplish the mission of the church. This is done in consultation with the pastor.
Staff Pastor Parish Relations leads the congregation to encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor(s), staff and their families. They help the staff set priorities that strengthen the congregation’s total ministry.
Will lead/teach the congregation God’s plan for using their gifts, skills and experience that already exist in order to accomplish the mission God has for the congregation. They will invite people to positions of spiritual leadership, receive their responses and provide training and support for these individuals. They will present a nomination list to the charge conference for a church council chair, a committee on pastor (staff) parish relations, a board of trustees, a committee on finance, a lay member to annual conference and a lay leader.

Finance committee compiles a complete annual budget for supporting the mission and vision of the local church and submits the budget to the church leadership team for review and adoption. Through the year, they recommend any changes to the approved annual budget to the church leadership team.

Mission Committee coordinates the planning and implementation of a comprehensive ministry for involving the congregation in mission work by developing a year-round program of mission education for all ages, so the congregation will be better informed and strongly committed to supporting the mission of making disciples for the transformation of the world.

Worship Committee leads the congregation in providing opportunities for worship celebrations that focus on God, help people of all ages grow in their understanding of the gospel, and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples. They work with the pastor and others for vibrant worship of God

Models Christ-like hospitality. They care for all members of the congregation (including those who inactive), as well as for people who are not members of a church, to help them know and respond to the love of God in Christ. They will set goals for congregational growth (in faith and numbers) and will plan specific events that will help the church grow.

Organizes and works with Sunday school classes and Vacation Bible School. They work with the pastor, organize and oversee the Christian Education programs of the church with an emphasis on children and youth as well as to train church members for the task of teaching and leading Christian Education in a shared capacity.

The memorial committee is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of memorial contributions to the church.  The goal of the committee is to receive and acknowledge gifts from families and friends in memory of loved ones. They assist the pastor and the Administrative Council in appropriating designated funds to advance the mission of the church.

The Endowment Committee is a pool of invested funds, the earnings of which may be used by the Trustees to fund unbudgeted repairs to the church building or parsonage.

We’re sorry to say that this group is no longer active. If you’ve got a vision for reviving this group and are interested in leading it, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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