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Join Us In Worship

Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month. 

Fall - Spring Schedule

Sunday School - 9:00AM
Fellowship Time - 10:00AM
Worship - 10:30AM

Lakeside Schedule

Worship Service
at 5:00 PM
Each Sunday

Summer Schedule

Beginning June 4

No Sunday School
No Fellowship Time
Worship - 9:30 AM

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Other Services

Water Baptism is a Christian sacrament that represents a special covenant relationship with God & God’s church family, symbolizing purification. This is done through the sprinkling of water on the person’s forehead
Confirmation is a yearly program open from grade 6 and older who wish to learn more about becoming a member of the church, but most importantly, accepting Christ in to your heart as a professing Christian. Confirmation is a time for those who wish to learn more about the Christian faith.

A Columbarium is a consecrated space with niches for urns containing the ashes of loved ones. It is an appropriate and traditional method of honoring human earthly remains once the spirit has departed into freedom with God. Our Alliance UMC Columbarium is located in the chapel of the church.

The Sandpiper is the Alliance UMC’s Newsletter released at the beginning of each month. The newsletter contains announcements, words of encouragement, and ministry updates for the church congregation.
“Safe Gatherings is a comprehensive system that incorporates an online application, online abuse prevention training, several levels of background checks, and paperless reference checks for people who volunteer or are employed with churches, schools, and organizations that serve or work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults.”
– Safe Gatherings Website


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A wedding is a sacred ceremony where a couple enters into a covenant with God and with one another. It’s a special invitation given to God to bless your marriage and life with one another.

Weddings can be held in the sanctuary, and smaller weddings can be held in the chapel.

If you’d like to make a request for your Wedding, please fill out the wedding information form below and drop it off at the church office. Contact us if you have any questions.

*Prayer Room

We understand how important it is to find a peaceful and sacred space to connect with your spirituality. Our prayer room offers precisely that – a serene and welcoming environment that invites both personal reflection and collective prayer. 

Whether you prefer to seek solace in solitude or crave the comfort of joining hands with others, our space is designed to cater to your needs. We hope that within the walls of our prayer room, you can find a moment of solace and connection that brings peace to your heart.

We’ll Pray With You

Need prayer? We would love to pray for you! You can send us your prayer request here. 

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